Becoming an adult doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally enjoy the sorts of things you loved as a child any more, as these Reddit users proved.

From eating cereal in front of cartoons to skipping to and from your destination, here are 11 things people are still doing as adults.

1. Stairs

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2. Monsters

“Turn off the hallway light and run up the stairs before the monsters get me.” – cuddlyweasel

3. Leaves

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4. Grocerycarting

“Grocerycarting. That thing where you stand on the little bar of the cart” – trunks111

5. Inevitable swings

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6. Tiny things

“I never broke the habit of carrying around tiny things in my pocket (a lego person, some random key, or literally just a rock) so that I can fidget with it when no ones looking” – Negativ_Monarch

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7. Cartoons part one

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8. Leg

“I still refuse to leave my leg uncovered when I sleep. Everything needs to be under the duvet because that image of something grabbing my leg is still very vivid in my head” – HappyHippyToo

9. Skipping

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10. Lego

“I still play with Legos a lot” – FoxtrotSierraTango

11. Cartoons part two

“Eating chicken dinosaurs while watching cartoons. Sometimes being a dad is amazing” – Jebediah_Johnson

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