9 Raksha Bandhan quotes only a foodie brother and sister can relate toWith Rakshabandhan around the corner, we found some interesting quotes that perfectly define the true essence of this love-hate-food- relationship. TNN | Updated : Aug 24, 2018, 05.51 PM IST
The brother-sister relationship cannot be defined in just a few words, it is a bond of love woven into sweet-bitter emotions. From mindless arguments over toys, clothes, food to attention seeking, a lot goes unspoken and this love defines the true essence of this bond of love and care.

Well, much like all other days and festivals, Raksha Bandhan celebrates the bond of togetherness, with the promise of a lifetime. The fond memories and nostalgia of this relationship is simply incomplete without talking about ‘Food’ and shared food interests that lead to cat fights and tiffs.

With Rakshabandhan around the corner, we found some interesting quotes that perfectly define the true essence of this love-hate-food- relationship.

Sharing Maggi is a strict NO!

Have you ever asked your brother to share maggie? Well, we are sure the answer would be a strict ‘NO”. It is simply a norm that maggi is not meant to be shared. The festival of raksha bandhan celebrates the essence of this sweet-bitter relationship.

I Won‘t share my pizza

Ask for a share and you are probably treated with a punch! That’s how this bond of love is. No matter how much they love and care for you, sharing food is just not in the rule book. Even if it is your share, to ask for it can land you in trouble. So, be careful!

Happiness is drinking coffee from sibling‘s mug

If you have a younger sibling, then this is something you will definitely relate to as asking anything from them can lead to fights and arguments. In fact, locking horns for grabbing all good things is an inseparable part of this relationship.

Äll I need is good food

For a foodie every occasion is like a celebration of good food. If your sibling happens to be a foodie then there’s nothing like enjoying an elaborate meal followed by a great conversation.

Expressing love is a mandate

Amidst senseless taunts and tantrums, this sweet relationship between brother and sister makes this festival a perfect reason to express your love towards them. However, some mischief is allowed !

I can forgive you, only for a sumptous dinner

After a fight dining together and staying together seems like a peace pact, where you are forced to stay with your enemy. Unlike others this enemy loves and cares for you as much as you do! So, don’t forget to express your love.

Note to my brother on Rakhi: “There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.

His annoying habits that often irritate you, but you still love and care for him. When you dislike his habit of wasting food and you still manage to explain him not to waste food.

I want more food on my plate

You always convince your sibling that you gave him more food, but the irony is that you always give him less food and save it for yourself. However, it depends on how interesting the delicacy is !

Are you sure you are giving your share to me !

Well, nothing defines this fun-filled relationship better than this quote, you simply don’t give anything to your sibling. So, next time your sibling gives you something to eat, think twice.

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