The Metro Vancouver authority has issued an air quality advisory for the Metro Vancouver and central Fraser Valley areas.

An air quality advisory is also being continued for the eastern Fraser Valley area.

“Despite cool and damp weather yesterday and today, smoke from wildfires both within and outside the region has moved into all parts of Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley,” read the notice issued by the Metro Vancouver authority.

“This has resulted in elevated levels of fine particulate matter that exceeded our air quality objectives throughout the region during the overnight period. Elevated levels of fine particulate matter are expected to persist until there is a change in weather or fire conditions.”

There had been a brief respite from the haze when previous air quality advisories were lifted on Friday and Saturday.

According to the provincial air quality health index, air quality in the Metro Vancouver area remains low risk, while the AQHI in the Fraser Valley remains at moderate risk for the east and low risk for the central region.