A man says he was stunned to see an Amazon delivery driver dump packages in a garbage can.

Jon Godwin says he witnessed the whole thing, then snapped a photo of the driver’s white van near West 15th Street and South Western Avenue in the Illinois Medical District about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday.

“I just saw the first couple boxes come over that’s when I was for sure, it’s what I thought it was,” he said. “I think about the customers, I think about, what if something’s in those boxes that someone really needs or a gift from a loved one.”

Coincidentally Godwin owns a delivery company called Shlep, which makes non-parcel deliveries, primarily home furnishings.

“I’m not going to judge the driver,” Godwin said. “We don’t know what the circumstances were, it’s possible this was a failed delivery after five attempts, who knows.”

Now Godwin plans to finish the job.

“Our main interest was these five customers of Amazon, we just think that they deserve to get their packages,” he said.

Amazon said it‘s looking into the discarded packages.

“We are addressing this with our delivery service partner, and will work directly with the customers to make things right,” a spokesperson said.

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