A boy’s school photos have gone viral after he wore a green T-shirt for the shoot – leaving his disembodied head floating in a variety of bizarre backgrounds.

The boy’s mom Lauren Boone Hutsell shared the snaps on , and said her son Carter worried about what the snaps would look like after realizing they’d be shot against a green screen.

She wrote: ‘My son – “Mom, I shouldn’t have worn the green shirt for pictures. It will blend in with the green screen they used.”

Me: “They used a green screen? What?! I probably should have read some fine print. Maybe they will be ok.”


Seriously cracking up! At least his hair and smile were on point!

‘Which one should we choose? I’m kind of partial to the flags.

‘Update: I’ve asked around. There was no “fine-print-green screen” warning.’

Hutsell, of Charles, Mo., said she and Carter agreed on the green shirt the day before the shoot earlier this month, thinking it would stand out well against the gray or brown background they were expecting.

Instead, seventh-grader Carter now blends in perfectly among a forest in fall, a floral scene, stained glass window, brick wall – and even the US flag.

Since sharing the preview shots on August 15, they have been shared more than 34,000 times.

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