There are so many high profile and talented men in the beauty industry.

From big names like Bretman Rock, Wayne Goss, and Patrick Starrr to slightly smaller but still super incredible influencers like The Plastic Boy and Jake Jamie, there’s really no shortage of inspiration.

Chanel are obviously aware that more and more guys are choosing to get creative with makeup, and are launching a line specifically for men off the back of it.

The collection – called Boy De Chanel – will include foundation and an eyebrow pencil with spoolie, as well as some lip balm, and will be sold in South Korea from next month.


It seems for some, though, it’s missed the mark.

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For one, the shade range is pretty limited; There are four. Also, why does it need to be gendered in the first place?

People weighed in on

It’s not clear whether the foundation will be a new formulation or is simply the same product marketed at a new group.

While it’s always going to be a good thing that more people can start enjoying new hobbies like beauty, perhaps it wasn’t the wisest decision to start with a limited, specifically gendered range.

For the record, makeup is for everyone, and you can wear it however you want.

Metro have ed Chanel for comment, and will update if we hear back.



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