An angry comic book shop owner has gone on holiday after claiming his business was being used as a ‘child-minding service’.

Matt West, 41, was annoyed after parents kept leaving their children at the Miwk store in Reigate, Surrey.

Dan Crook, 46, who runs a hair salon next door, agreed some people had taken advantage of Mr West’s kindness.

He said: ‘I think it’s because they are working and they just think it’s acceptable “Middle England” behaviour.’

Mr Crook also likened Mr West to the real-life version of the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons.

He added: ‘I would say that does sound like him. If you met him you might be like, “oh yeah that’s Comic Book Guy”.

‘He’s like a world expert on Blake’s Seven. He’s written lots of books on sci-fi.

‘He’s got a bit of timber on him. He’s got mousy hair and has a goatee on and off.

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‘He’s got quite a Mod look to him – t-shirts but he never wears shorts.’


Mr Crook said Mr West had hoped his store would be taken more seriously when he opened it in the affluent area.

He said: ‘I don’t think when they opened it up they wanted to be a children’s toy shop and wanted to be more of a collector’s shop.

‘People who are parents probably don’t get what the shop is.


Mr West’s shop left a friend in charge of the store who said he was on holiday.

Miwk is an independent shop filled with comic books, toys, vinyls and playing cards.

It also sells Doctor Who figurines and books, graphic novels, Star Wars toys, Pokemon Cards, Adventure Time, You-Gi-Oh! cards and toys as well as collector’s items.

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