A drunken aeroplane passenger screamed ‘we are all going to die’ as a holiday flight from Tenerife circled over East Midlands Airport.

The behaviour of Kiran Jagdev, who had drunk up to eight beers and six wines, led to another passenger having a seizure on the Jet2 flight.

That came after Jagdev continually kicked the seat in which the woman’s 15-year-old autistic daughter was sitting.

Prosecutor Zoe Lee told Leicester Magistrates’ Court how the 41-year-old former personal assistant, who had gone on holiday alone, behaved erratically on the four-hour LS634 flight.

Mrs Lee said that Jagdev started shouting when the plane was unable to go into land first time and had to circle round.

‘The defendant screamed: “We are all going to die”,’ she said.

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During the four-hour flight, Jagdev was kicking the seat in front of her.

‘The defendant’s unruly behaviour directly brought about the stress which caused the mother of this girl to have a seizure on the flight,’ Mrs Lee said.

‘The family asked to be moved and were accommodated. Jagdev was repeatedly spoken to by fellow passengers and cabin crew but did not calm down.’

At one point, an off-duty police officer on the plane offered to sit next to her for the rest of the flight to try to placate her.

Mrs Lee said: ‘To start with it sort of worked. Then she became flirtatious and he refused her advances.

‘Then she became abusive and became much louder.’

When the plane landed at East Midlands Airport police boarded the flight and arrested Jagdev.

In interview with police she said she had been in party mode and blamed the cabin crew for serving her alcohol.

Jagdev, of New Parks, Leicester, pleaded guilty to being drunk on an aircraft on January 28.

The prosecutor told the court how Jagdev had been convicted in a Spanish court of a violent offence and had received a suspended sentence while on holiday.

That conviction came just five days before the flight to East Midlands Airport.

Mrs Lee said that Jagdev had previous convictions for alcohol-related offences and threatening behaviour.

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Ahmed Khan, defending, said his client had an alcohol problem. He added that she had turned to alcohol when she lost an unborn child and split from her husband in 2015.

Jagdev was given unconditional bail.

She is due to be sentenced at Leicester Crown Court next month.

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