Stacey Fowler is set to have a worrying thought after she discovers that Hayley Slater is pregnant in EastEnders – what if the unborn baby that she is carrying is actually Martin’s?

Viewers know that the father is actually Alfie Moon – which seems even worse given how Kat is likely to react – but Stacey won’t seem to believe it when Hayley aggressively denies Martin having any role in her expectant status.

Stacey has discovered the truth after walking in on Jean adjusting Hayley’s clothes and spotting her bump and jean desperately swears her to secrecy.

But after Jean plants the seed in her mind, Stacey needs convincing that Martin isn’t the dad and as she presses a stressed Hayley for answers, she snaps and declares that she needs to get away from the family.

Eager to stop Hayley from leaving, Jean takes the situation into her own hands and blurts out to the rest of the clan that Hayley is pregnant. But how will they all react? And will the truth about Alfie also come to light?

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One to watch: Tuesday 28th August at 7:30pm on One.

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