The final moments of a woman enjoying a hen do in Benidorm before she plunged to her a death from a balcony have been revealed.

The newly released footage shows Kirsty Maxell, 27, entering the same Spanish apartment block she would later fall 100ft from to her death.

Kirsty and her friends, all wearing hen do t-shirts, can be seen staggering into the Payma Apartments just before she died.

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The footage was featured in the new documentary Killed Abroad, as police continue to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding Kirsty’s death more than a year later.

The group made their way to the apartments at 5.35am on April 29, 2017 – the time on the CCTV was out by an hour – and it wasn’t long before Kirsty fell asleep.

Footage shot on a phone a short while later captures Kirsty snoring at 6.50am.

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Somehow, Kirsty went from snoring to falling from a 10th floor balcony at 7:51am.

The apartment she fell from was occupied by five men from Nottingham. The men have been dubbed the Benidorm Five and have all denied any wrongdoing.

They were questioned by police in Spain but allowed to return to the UK.

Kirsty, from West Lothian, Scotland, had just married Adam Maxwell, 28, six months before tragedy struck.

The grieving widower appealed for more information on the documentary.

He said: ‘We made a promise as a family that we would leave no stone unturned for Kirsty.

‘This was my Kirsty. The circumstances surrounding it were impossible to believe.

‘It was just me and the rest of the family doing the investigation as such, which was hugely difficult.

‘At the same time we were organising Kirsty’s funeral, I was organising second autopsies to be done.’

A post-mortem revealed Kirsty had not taken drugs but was more than three times the drink-drive limit when she died.


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Her brother, Ryan Curry, told the : ‘She was at the happiest point in her life, and so was everyone else.

‘Really content with life at that time, and it just changed overnight.’

Adam also blasted the theory that Kirsty jumped from the balcony.

‘It’s absurd to suggest she was trying some kind of daredevil prank in a 10th floor apartment,’ he said.

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