held a tense four-minute press conference ahead of ’s clash with Tottenham on Monday night in the .

The United boss answered just 13 questions, refusing to be drawn into a debate about his position at the club with many of his responses curt.

Rumours of a rift with and United chief executive Ed Woodward continue to circulate, but Mourinho was in no mood to share his side of the story.


Below is the entire transcript from Mourinho’s short appearance in front of the media, which last four minutes and 19 seconds.

Q: How difficult has this week been? Or has it been easier, have the players been more motivated because of the Brighton game?

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‘No. I think difficult, difficult is after the match you lose. It is always difficult, especially for people that really care about the job, about being football professional, but after that you think about the next match.

‘You do the same when you win, when you win you have to move on and focus on what next and imagine when you lose you have to do even more.’

Q: There’s been a lot of background noise in response about yourself about Ed Woodward?

‘Yeah but don’t ask me because I don’t know.

‘I don’t read, I don’t know 10 per cent of what is written, I don’t know 10 per cent of what is coming on TV screens so I’m not the right guy to answer to it.’

Q: Do you feel perhaps if there is so much talk there might have been a bit of an overreaction to a defeat in the second game?

‘The what?’

Q: Do you think it might have been a bit of an overreaction, all this talk, even if you’ve not seen it?

‘You are pessimistic I’m not.’

Q: You have always spoken with great respect about Woodward, I imagine the relationship with him is fine?

‘Of course.’

Q: No problem at all?


Q: When Pogba came down and said the attitude wasn’t right after a game like Brighton, how does that make you feel as a manager about that, that he can be exceptional one week and the next week so inconsistent?

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‘Paul told, Paul has to answer by his words, if you want any explanation about Paul’s words you must get him and ask him.’

Q: How do you feel things are in terms of the way you are playing this season?

‘I feel we played well against Leicester and we won, I felt we played bad against Brighton and we lost.’

Q: What would you like to see from the players and what would you like to see against Spurs?

‘I would like to play well and win.’

Q: How do you do that after the Brighton game? How do you get them right again?

‘It’s to play well and win, don’t make mistakes, play well and win that’s what we want.’

Q: Do you think Eric Bailly and Victor Lindelof have progressed in the way you hoped they could have?

‘I don’t analyse with you my players.’

Q: What about Spurs, how impressed are you with them and the way Pochettino is going about his business?

‘I’m not going to comment.’

Q: Spurs game are always tight affairs, is this the right game at right time?

‘You have to play against 19 opponents at Old Trafford and 19 opponents away, you have to play against everyone.

I don’t know if it’s the right time. The time is now, the fixtures were decided this way and we have to play Tottenham Hotspur in the second match at Old Trafford before we go away twice in a row against Burnley and Watford, this is what it is and of course difficult match, of course a team that last season finished in top four. So difficult match.’


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