In June, introduced , the most notable being data limits. Now, a new version 1.6 update has arrived introducing new features and improvements. It brings along Bedtime mode and Emergency Bank which provide different functionalities. Bedtime mode essentially saves more data while you‘re sleeping and Emergency Bank saves a bit of your data for a time when need is urgent. The Google Datally app is exclusive to Android users only.

As the name suggests, Emergency Bank lets you reserve some data for the time being, to meet with sudden unforeseen data demands. You can set an expiry date to this, probably very close to your next billing cycle, so that the reserve is then let free and you can use up the reserve. The Emergency bank mode lets you choose the amount of data you want to save from your reserve. Bedtime mode is also very self-explanatory, using very little to no data during the time of your sleep. It stops apps from using mobile data while you‘re sleeping, enabling saving of data, and a sound sleep sans all the notifications. It allows users to input a start and end time, during which data usage will be minimal. During this set time, you can also pause Bedtime mode for browsing needs in the middle of the night.

Datally also called Data Limits, enabling users to control their data usage on a daily basis. Users can set the maximum amount of data they want to spend per day, and get warnings when they are about to reach the limit. Users can choose to block data for the rest of the day or continue. It essentially helps your save data over time so that you do not run out before the end of a cycle. If you haven‘t received Datally version 1.6 update from the , you can download the as well.