Ciara Doherty has said that she hates talking about her pregnancy “as if it is something very exceptional”.

The Ireland AM presenter announced live on air in June that she is pregnant with her first child. She revealed that she and her husband Richard are looking forward to their baby‘s arrival at the end of January.

She said that she hates talking about her pregnancy as if it’s an exception, when “80pc of the women in the world have had a baby.”

“My attitude towards pregnancy is that I’m not the first woman to be pregnant, and I’m certainly not the last. I see it as a very fortunate thing – I am very lucky to have gotten pregnant, and I intend to keep working till the beginning of my maternity leave,” she told

In April, Ciara was announced as Sinead Desmond‘s permanent replacement on the Ireland AM sofa.  Desmond left suddenly in October last year after 11 years.

Ciara filled in on a temporary basis from November so was the natural choice to join the team alongside Mark Cagney, Alan Hughes, and Aidan Cooney.

She has been working at the Ballymount station since 2010 and says it was “incredible” to get this “once in a lifetime opportunity” on the early morning breakfast show.

“For me it is a bit of a dream gig to get the opportunity, to be part of a programme that is so successful. I feel quite privileged for having been given a chance as we enter our 20th year of being on air,” she said.

Ciara joined the breakfast couch permanently just days after returning from her honeymoon, and said that she had no difficulty with the suddenness of it all.

“I had been on the programme for two years before that as a reporter, so I was familiar with the programme, with the viewers, other presenters,” she said.

“I had also just gotten married and was back from a 10 week break. It was the most perfect timing- if I could’ve organised it, I would not have organised it any better. I felt renewed, refreshed and up for any challenge.”

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When it comes to dealing with early morning starts that are an essential requirement of breakfast TV, she said, “I got a bit of a good advice when I started on Breakfast TV – I was told to not focus on the early starts all the time, because if you are going to do that, you are never going to enjoy this job. The early starts are a part of breakfast TV; you just need to embrace them. So that is what I have tried to do.”

The secret to coping with them is living by a “toddler schedule” by which she sticks rigidly.

“I go to bed before 9pm and I go for an afternoon nap every single day,” she said. “And I act out like a tired toddler if I don’t follow that routine or that schedule. As long as I pursue that religiously, the early mornings work.

“If I don’t stick to the schedule, my poor husband suffers. I get a bit cranky in the evening, and have to go to bed earlier.”

She is not sure if her baby will obey her schedule, but nevertheless, she is prepared for motherhood.

“I’ve been told by a lot of people that I’ll be well prepared for motherhood when it does arrive in January,” she said. “Because I have a very set routine. I don’t know how the routine will work with the newborn baby, probably not very well for the first few months, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.”

Speaking about the changes in Ireland AM for the upcoming season, she said that the show will now have new sets, which she described as “contemporary basement” sets. Emphasising the importance of this change, she said: “The programme is getting bigger, better and stronger. Hopefully, our new refurbished sets will give us an impetus to keep going for another 20 years.”



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