Sen. Jeff Flake paid tribute to his fellow Arizona Republican, the late John McCain, on Tuesday, saying, "I’m going to miss him horribly."

Flake, who is retiring from the Senate, made his comments during a Tuesday interview on

"But just traveling around campaigning across the state of Arizona, he was great to campaign with," Flake recalled. "There was nobody more fun, nobody better. I never had an uninteresting town hall with John McCain.

"I just have been so pleased to see the tributes around the country to this great man and well-deserved."

But he said McCain could be tough when he wanted to be.

You know, I went 12 years in the House while he was in the Senate without having a real confrontation," he said. "I broke up a few fights between John and other members of the delegation sometimes, and I thought I was living large. I got to the Senate, and the first vote I cast he didn't think was the right vote. The truth is, he was right, but he let me have it on the senate floor, and my colleagues were standing around laughing their heads off thinking Jeff now has his initiation. But the next day he put his arm around me and we went on."

of brain cancer. He was 81.