Right now Dua Lipa is flavour of the moment, with her single One Kiss with Calvin Harris which soared to number one.

It spent eight weeks at the top and became the longest-running number one by a female lead in the UK in this decade.

But cheeky Calvin wouldn’t have been the one to help Dua achieve that record, had he not undercut DJ Jonas Blue.

Jonas revealed exclusively to Metro that he’d seen the potential in Dua a couple of years ago and was in talks to work with her single, before Calvin got there first.

‘I was speaking to her before Calvin,’ Jonas revealed. ‘It was about a year and a half ago I was speaking to Dua about doing something. She was too busy at the time.

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‘I did slide into her DMs and asked her if she wanted to do a collab.’

But before he got a chance to record their track, Calvin swooped in and nabbed her for himself.

‘[Calvin] did basically exactly the same as me. He went on Twitter and messaged her and they did One Kiss together.’

But there’s no hard feelings as Calvin is his idol: ‘I’m glad they did that because it was an amazing song, but I was definitely in there.’

Well, that’s pretty gracious of him. But never mind, he’s got his sights on another collab that could be just as big – one with Cheryl and Liam.

There’s been a fair amount of talk of Jonas working with Liam Payne but Jonas has bigger plans than that – he wants to get Liam AND Cheryl in the studio.

He confessed that he is in the very early stages of bringing something together with Liam.

‘I just think [Liam] so cool. I have a thing about working with people I actually really like,’ Jonas gushed. ‘I have this theory if you can go out on a night out with them and have a good time it makes the relationship that much cooler.

‘He’s one of those people I’ve met a few times at radio gigs and he’s just super cool, I like his vibe. Hopefully one day we’ll get to work together. We’ve hung out a few times, we’re half way there.’

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He added that he’d like to bring Liam’s ex into the mix too.

‘Definitely. I had the idea when they were together to have this really cool idea of doing a collab all the three of us.

‘Call My Name and Fight For This Love are absolute bangers. I’d love to bring back her music career and do some music with her. I’m not sure how well that would work now, working with Liam and Cheryl at the same time.’

But Jonas went on to hint his new single, out in September, features two singers, a man and a woman. Could it be them?!

Jonas is now putting the finishing touches to his album, having released Rise with Jack & Jack.

‘I was listening to the radio and I heard these two guys Jack & Jack being interviewed and I’d never heard them before, although they’re massive in America,’ he explained how the song came about. ‘I was inspired by their story and the millennium generation and how it’s looked down on and they want to change that.

‘I thought that was a cool concept, and mixed what I do with being super positive and super happy, and I wondered if I could make an anthem for millennials.’

And now we have the rest of the album to look forward to off the back of that: ‘The idea with the album – I’ve tried to take some risks, I’ve delved into some different genres and got some artists you wouldn’t expect on the record. It’s going to be an exciting one, I’m trying to do that journey for people and keep them interested.’


Rise is out now, the album is expected to have an October release.



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