Larry Klayman on Tuesday told of his intention to file a class action lawsuit this week against Google, Facebook and other companies for anti-trust violations around censorship of conservative websites.

Klayman made the remarks on Newsmax TV's "America Talks Live," asserting that Google, YouTube and Facebook are the kingpins in "conspiring against conservatives, libertarians and people of faith."

Klayman said he has firsthand experience with his Freedom Watch TV on YouTube, asserting that the platform is engaged in "eliminating people as our subscribers."

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"I'm bringing a class action lawsuit in the next day or so against Google, against Facebook, against the others who, I believe, are conspiring against conservatives, libertarians, people of faith, and they're vehemently anti-Trump," Klayman announced on ATL.

"I believe it's an antitrust violation," the former federal prosecutor said.

Klayman said Google "should be regulated in the sense that it's a public forum," adding that he'll be filing his lawsuit in Washington, D.C.

"Under District of Columbia law, it is illegal to politically discriminate in a public forum," Klayman told ATL. "And let's hope we draw a Trump-appointed judge.

"There's a real problem here. It's clear and someone needs to do something about it."

Further, Klayman said there's no defense for Google and Facebook for being private companies.

"What there is here is an agreement in restraint of trade. There's a group boycott; they're not doing business with conservatives in terms of advertising and removing people from their site," Klayman said.

"So yes, you can be a private entity but you can also violate the competition laws. And that's exactly what Google and YouTube and the others are doing today, so they're not immune from an anti-trust lawsuit."

Klayman said President Donald Trump can be impactful in effecting change, like his that surfaced the problem.

"There are things President Trump can do. He's created a dialogue there and that he's speaking out I think it's extremely good," Klayman said.