By – The Washington Times – Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The lawyer for fired multiple shots across the President ’s bow Tuesday night, saying his client can help special counsel Robert Mueller.

also said that knows about much more than the crimes he pleaded guilty to earlier in the day.

In an interview on MSNBC, said he had discussed with “what he knew about .”

“has information that should be of interest to the special counsel and is more than happy to tell the special counsel all that he knows,” told host Rachel Maddow.

While cautioned that he couldn’t speak of direct s between his client and the special counsel’s office, he predicted that “Mr. Mueller will have a lot of interest in what has to say.”

Earlier Tuesday, pleaded guilty to eight counts and although his plea deal does not require him to testify against the president, the deal itself implicates because it says he had paid off two women to influence the election at ’s behest.

But also told Ms. Maddow that there’s more than the “obvious 2016 collusion.”

also has “knowledge of the computer crime of hacking and whether or not knew ahead of time,” said.

In the interview, in which said falsely said he didn’t know of paying off women who claimed to have had affairs with him, the lawyer vowed that is now “liberated to tell the truth” and that “it’s the truth that so threatens the president of the United States.”

“From this point on, you’re going to see a liberated speaking truth to power,” he said.

When Ms. Maddow pointed out that the plea deal doesn’t require to testify as one of its conditions, said his client is committed to truth and “if that amounts to cooperation,” so be it.

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