Although it’s just a 20-second peek, a promo for Season 3 of “Lethal Weapon” shows fitting right in. (Watch it below.)

The former “American Pie” star, after he was on the set, isn’t Martin Riggs. Crawford played Riggs for two seasons and his character got shot in last season’s finale.

In this go-round for the TV adaptation of the 1987 buddy-cop classic film, Scott plays ex-CIA man Wesley Cole, who is now the other buddy with Damon Wayans’ Roger Murtaugh.

“I take this partnership thing very seriously,” Murtaugh tells Cole in the clip below, setting the stage for some slam-bang action in which Cole beats the crap out of a baddie and the new partners end up on the top of a speeding truck.

 “Lethal Weapon” returns Sept. 25 on Fox.