Management Board of AUGA group, AB adopted a decision to increase capital of subsidiaries

On 28 August 2018, the Management Board of AUGA group, AB (legal entity’s code: 126264360, address: Konstitucijos pr. 21C, Vilnius) adopted a decision to make additional investments into 10 subsidiaries by increasing their share capital as follow: ŽŪB “AUGA Želsvelė“ (EUR 3,000,000), ŽŪB “AUGA Dumšiškės“ (EUR 1,000,000), ŽŪB “AUGA Mantviliškis” (EUR 2,100,000), ŽŪB “AUGA Skėmiai” (EUR 1,500,000), ŽŪB “AUGA Smilgiai” (EUR 5,000,000), ŽŪB “AUGA Spindulys” (EUR 4,100,000), Baltic Champs, UAB (EUR 4,800,004), UAB “AUGA Ramučiai” (EUR 498,112), UAB “Agrotechnikos centras” (EUR 1,684,400), UAB “AWG investment 2” (EUR 13,600). Investments by AUGA group, AB in the aforementioned subsidiaries will total to approximately EUR 23.7 million. AUGA group, AB will pay up newly issued share capital by setting-off them with claim rights against the concerned subsidiaries acquired from other subsidiaries. The decision was made in the pursue of consolidating and simplifying intragroup lending processes, as well as strengthening the equity of subsidiaries listed above. These changes will have no impact on consolidated liabilities of the group nor additional capital will be required. Proceeds from issued new shares of AUGA  group, AB on 23 August 2018 will not be used in this transaction.

General Manager
Linas Bulzgys
+370 5 233 5340