Megan McKenna gets very emotional after feeding baby lambs no Celebs On The Farm.

It looks like Megan could get used to life down on the farm.

The reality TV star is initially worried about the lambs being ‘vicious’ when she offers them a bottle to feed from.

But Megan can’t handle the cute when she has to feed lambs who have lost their mothers.

Before she even gets near a lamb, Megan is overcome and it gets a bit much as the lamb hungrily feeds.



She might not be that keen on it though, as when she is told the lambs’ next feed is 6am the Towie star declines to get up that early, before telling the farmer ‘Shut up!’.

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Megan is on the 5STAR show with the likes of Bobby Norris, Gleb Savchenko, Sandi Bogle and Lorraine Chase.

Megan is focusing on her career as a reality TV star and country singer since splitting up from her Love Island boyfriend Mike Thalassitis.

Speaking about the break down of their relationship, she said: ‘I do think everything happens for a reason. I’ve been away, I’ve cleared my head, I feel good about myself, I’m doing my music, I’m working on an album.’

Asked if she though there was any way back for the two of them, Megan said: ‘No. I just feel like everything does happen for a reason and the path I’m going in my life right now is definitely not that way.’

Celebs On The Farm airs weekdays at 10pm on 5STAR



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