A mother-of-two has spent over £10,000 in an attempt to turn herself into a real life ‘sex doll’ after finding out her fiancé was having an affair.

Cindy Moore, 31, from Salford, Greater Manchester, has had a breast enlargement, three lip fillers a month and hair extensions in an attempt to achieve her perfect look.

Despite the amount she has spent, Cindy still isn’t satisfied, and wants to go under the knife again to complete her makeover.

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Cindy said: ‘I want another boob job and probably a tummy tuck. I’m lucky because of my skin I don’t really need Botox.’

Cindy said that she has loved the ‘fake’ look since turning 19, when she started bleaching her long hair and wearing lots of makeup.

But it was when she found out her fiancé and father of her two children was having an affair that inspired her to create the look she has today.

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Cindy lost five stone and dropped from a size 24 to 12 after the split, training seven days a week and going on a strict diet.

But even that radical transformation wasn’t enough and she had £7,000 surgery to enhance her breasts, and fill her lips with painful filler injections.

She explained: ‘When we split last year I looked at myself in the mirror and just thought ‘this needs to go’, so I trained hard and cut the carbs and lost it really rapidly.’

Cindy said she has ‘always liked the bimbo blow-up doll look’, and that she knew  it was the right look for her after appearing Channel 5’s reality TV show 100% Hotter, which aired in February this year.

The show takes men and women with extreme looks and tries to give them a more natural makeover, but it had the opposite effect on Cindy.

She said: ‘I think the point of the TV show was to show me that I looked better with a natural look, but it just had the opposite effect really. All I could think was: “I’ve got a long way to go.”

She now gets lip injections, worth £250 a go, three times a month, with her new look making her incredibly popular on social media, where she has over 40,000 followers on Instagram.

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Whereas before Cindy said she only had ‘about 100 friends and they were all family’ on Facebook, she now has over 5000 friends and 3000 followers on the site.

She now sells racy picture of herself to online followers who pay her £25 a month.

But she said that some of the attention has been unwelcome, and she now refrains from going clubbing because of the ‘stares and wolf whistles’, saying that ‘people don’t realise I’m actually a person and not really a sex doll.’

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