Bestselling author and nutritionist Patrick Holford started out studying psychology, switching to nutrition when he found optimum nutrition could help mental illness and increase children‘s IQ, something that was the subject of a Horizon documentary in the 1980s. He founded the Institute for Optimum Nutrition with two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, and started the new profession of nutritional therapy. Patrick firmly believes that it is our diet that is driving all the major endemic diseases from Alzheimer‘s to cancer, and that health services will continue to fail until nutrition and prevention is top of the agenda. He‘s talking at the Vitality Show on September 8/9 about new approaches to cancer and addiction, based on his book How to Quit without Feeling S**t.

Film: Paint Your Wagon


Paint Your Wagon (above) is a classic – two completely different men in love with one woman – set in new frontier land in the Gold Rush, with a young, handsome Clint Eastwood juxtaposed with a drunken, uncontrollable Lee Marvin singing I was Born Under a Wandering Star. It stands the test of time. Beautifully shot, great plot and classic songs – and I hate musicals!

Band: Steve Earle

I‘ve always been a fan of Steve Earle, who puts the rock in country, but was recently given for my 60th, by Jem Finer of The Pogues, an exceptional bluegrass album The Mountain by Earle with the Del McCoury Band. The last track, Pilgrim, gets me every time. Thank you Jem. It is one.

Design: The Alhambra


The Alhambra in Granada (above) should be in the seven wonders of the world. It‘s so spiritually powerful. I used elements of the Moorish design and its knowledge of sacred geometry when I built my Gaba Gaba House on the beautiful carless island of Lamu, Kenya. The Alhambra was ruled by the Omanis for hundreds of years and the ‘Swahili‘ design – a merging of Islam and Africa – is my favourite design style of all. See Gaba Gaba House on holfordnaturalholidays.

Artist: Sophie Walbeoffe

My favourite artwork is Shela by Sophie Walbeoffe. This Kenyan artist paints with both hands. This painting was done during our annual Lamu Art Festival in February. She captures light and the bustling peace of our fishing village.

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Book: How To Change Your Mind

I‘ve nearly finished Michael Pollan‘s How to Change Your Mind (below). The characters, true pioneers, whose research into LSD back in the 1950s, was shut down due to drafting for Vietnam – the authorities feared the kids would rather drop acid than bombs. Now, there are over 200 studies underway on things like depression and helping with the anxiety of dying in those with terminal illness. I think psychedelics are as vital a tool for exploring human consciousness.

Vitality Expo 2018 Ireland‘s largest natural health and wellbeing event, RDS, September 8/9. Tickets at Under-12s go free

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