After months of speculating the shocking news has finally dropped – Tyler didn’t kill Hamish!

Yay, we always believed in you Ty.

Hamish was found dead in the Canning’s hot tub at the end of last year, and Tyler eventually lost his freedom as the evidence stacked up against him and he had no choice but to turn himself in.

And that meant Typer died along with Hamish.

But this means all that heartbreak Piper went through was for nothing; when they contemplated running away together and spending life as fugitives. When they got caught after Piper failed the roof jump. So much drama, and Ty was innocent all along.

This week we learn this week that it was Cassius who did the deed. Cassius, it transpires, is Tyler’s half brother as Hamish was also his dad.

So now that we know the truth, could Tyler be winging his way back to Ramsay Street? Tyler’s sister, Chloe Brennan (AKA actress April Rose Pengilly) has revealed there could be a Brennan family reunion on the way…

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‘There’s a good chance [Tyler could come back],’ April exclusively told Metro.

‘It’s a good plot twist isn’t it! Hopefully we could see the Brennan family back together.’

Let’s start the campaign now, bring back Ty! Could be an interesting confrontation with Cassius, given that his half brother murdered his dad, sent him down for the crime, then hooked up with his girlfriend.

How will Piper cope knowing her new boyfriend is a killer and her old boyfriend, who told her he wanted nothing to do with her, was innocent all a long?

Cassius came to Erinsborough under the guise of being a gardener (yeah, he’s not really a gardener either) to gain access to the Canning’s back yard in order to track down a medallion he had lost in the process of killing Hamish.

His whole story has been a facade, and things are starting to unravel, all because he has fallen for Piper and can’t bear to leave.

How will his secret come out?

Scenes air from Thursday 23 August at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.


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