A Neo-nazi who set fire to a school and vandalised buildings with swastika graffiti has been jailed for six years.

Austin Ross, 23, terrorised his hometown of Newport, South Wales,

Newport Crown Court heard he targeted The Masonic lodge, on Lower Dock Street, with in an arson attack that destroyed a secondary school classroom inside.

Ross was captured on CCTV pouring a substance through the post box of the temple before igniting it with a match.

He caused £38,000 worth of damage.

Ross’ reign of terror also included writing swastikas on a University of South Wales building and putting up posters that said ‘You have been visited by the System Resistance Network’.

This was the far right neo-Nazi group he was found to have connections to and was the first person associated with it to be jailed.

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He also wrote support for far-right activist Tommy Robinson on university property and scrawled ‘Hitler was right’ on a building at his old multicutural primary school.


Ross’ crimes included targeting the Riverfront Theatre, Gwent Probation Service building and a Newport council owned footbridge.

He also had information on his phone that connected him to far right websites, the court heard.

Judge Jeremy Jenkins said: ‘Your motivation was not born out of a mental disorder but out of sheer hatred and malice based upon your perverted view of race, religion and others different to you.

‘Your beliefs are not only abhorrent but offended deeply members of the community.’

Ross, from Romney Close, Newport, pleaded guilty to arson and racially-aggravated harassment and damage.

He was jailed for six years today.

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