It is of paramount importance not to forget our history and the realities of today.

While some sectors of society have vast land that can equally to the whole of Johannesburg some sectors of the population have none.

Thorough introspection needs to be done by those who have. Is it justifiable really that some families have inherited the land and has passed it through from generation to generation while others have to pass their shame to on from one generation to the next?

The killing of white farmers remain a criminal matter and, yes, it should be said that it has gone too far without being apprehended. The state must act with urgency and use every means to stop this continuous killings but South Africa has the kind of people that can adress their differences and find lasting solutions.

As South Africans we have taken note of all the positive contributions of Jan van Riebeeck to Willem de Klerk and we are still grateful today for sharing our sun with his descendants but also they themselves need to be true and truth is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow but indeed Africans want land.

It is good to see white farmers engaging with government on this issue. It should be an open discussion in every sector of society… also white farmers make their own recommendations as to how can they contribute in bringing equality amongst the nation.

Trump must give South Africa‘s space to resolve it‘s internal affairs and lastly those white South Africans who do not know wether they are South Africans or Europeans must make a choice…we love South Africa…The Country of Great Heroes and Heroines… and our Afrikaners brothers we have come a very long way together….and we will still be going a very long way together till eternity do us apart you remain South Africans.

It‘s only the how part that needs to be addressed.