A few thing about the land debate that should be made abundantly clear: the dead will inherit the earth. The debate about the past is not going to change the fact that apartheid still happened from 1948 – 27 April 1994.

The apartheid regime was an atrocity, that almost took an entire country with it but trying to get even never solved anything. If the South African government privatised state owned institutions, bailout money like the recent R5bn for SAA could have been used to start quite a few debt free independent farmers. Between the bailouts, corruption and mismanagement of funds the problem with the willing buyer principle isn’t the lack of land for sale but a lack of commitment by the government to provide much needed land and adequate training. With the cooperation of existing farmers and with about a few billion the agriculture community of South Africa can be transformed

Land remains a symptom of the real problems within South Africa. Yes, the land issues needs to be addressed but there are other problems like access to proper education, healthcare, services delivery, infrastructure and unemployment that needs to be addressed. All these problems are interrelated for instance getting a matric degree with a 30% minim to pass simply means that the degree is useless and cannot provide the matriculate with any employment opportunities. Without proper education or useable skills, the matriculate is left vulnerable in a competitive economy.

Crime is usually due to a lack of alternatives. Without services that the local government is supposed to provide citizens, the expectations fall drastically short of the promises made by the government. Through service, delivery and basic healthcare people can be empowered to change their lives and eradicate poverty for good. If all the rights of South Africans are met like education, healthcare etc. South Africa can thrive as a nation and not just a select few.

If we build a future together, we can make South Africa great again! The economy and the racial relations is the legacy we leave for the future generations of South Africa. We should become the rainbow nation that South African legends like Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela had in mind.