Planners for have confirmed that the airline wants to build a new six-storey office block beside its existing headquarters in Dublin in order to “consolidate and grow” its business in a “single, identifiable, high-profile location” close to Dublin Airport.

Ryanair expects 750 staff to be based at the new office, adding to the more than 840 based at the existing headquarters.

The airline, headed by CEO Michael O‘Leary, recently filed plans to build the new office block beside its base in Swords, just a short distance from the airport. Ryanair had declined to comment on the plans.

But documents filed with the local council show that the airline plans to construct an L-shaped office block with 10,728 sq m (115,000 sq ft) of floor space.

It will be built on the site of a temporary car park beside the existing headquarters and will include 358 car spaces.

Planners noted that almost three-quarters (72pc) of Ryanair‘s head office staff currently travel to work by car. The planners for the airline have told Fingal County Council that the new building‘s design will be one of “elegant simplicity”.

“The proposed development should be economical to construct and to maintain, in line with the requirements of the applicant,” according to Ryanair‘s planners, who held a pre-planning consultation with the local council back in June.

It has also ruled out any expensive multi-storey car park for the new development.

“Ryanair‘s current operational model precludes the additional and unnecessary expense of providing either a multi-storey or basement car parking option,” they said.

“Such provision is generally typically found in city centre locations, where rents are at a premium and where there is a demand for such spaces,” they added.

It‘s also noted that the construction phase of the project will be just six to eight weeks.

The site is also home to St Werburgh‘s Well, which will be protected during construction works.

The well is named after a sixth century Anglo-Saxon abbess, who also has a church in Dublin named after her. Local tradition records that the water from the well was used as cure for the eyes. The well was reconstructed in 2011.

Ryanair acquired the building where its HQ is based in 2012 for €11m. It spent an additional €9m fitting it out.

Irish Independent