A Satanist couple have been arrested after allegedly killing a pregnant woman who worked for them so they could cash in on her life insurance policy.

Atyla Arrua Barbosa, 20, had been hired to work in the couple’s home in the town of Itanhaem in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo.

Her body was found on the beach in the town of Mongagua and a post-mortem showed the young woman, who was three months pregnant, had drowned to death.

Police believe the man who employed her had fathered the child and killed her with the help of his wife to cash in on a life insurance policy.

Barbosa’s employers told the authorities they were her godparents when the body was found and organised for her to be buried.

After the victim’s mother was informed of the death she told authorities the couple were not her godparents and an investigation began.

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The police discovered that the unnamed couple had tried to claim from the 260,000 BRL (£49,800) life insurance policy the victim had taken out.

Investigators found the couple had Satanist objects in their home.

Imvestigator Ruy de Matos said: ‘Our investigations indicate that the couple are involved in Satanism. They worship Lucifer.’

The couple have been arrested in their home where Satanist objects, including statues and skulls, were found.

They are being held in preventative detention.

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