Let‘s get right to it: The is available for $1540.32 on Walmart. Normally, this model Surface is listed at $3144.99, saving you a whopping $1600 on this killer 2-in-1.

Under the hood, the is packing pretty nice power for a 2-in-1 laptop. It sports the Intel Core i5-7300U processor with 8GB of RAM, so speeds shouldn‘t be an issue. Along with a 256 GB SSD, you get reliable storage and a boost to performance speeds, too.

With specs like that, Microsoft has been able to offer its own answer Apple, and with added flexibility. For example, while the newest iPad Pro makes for a great professional tablet and can use a keyboard, at its core it‘s still a tablet. If you need something better, that also means making a significant price jump to the newest MacBook and MacBook Pros. Instead, if you went with the , you have an excellent laptop and tablet that can become a student or professional‘s best friend.

So if this sounds like the perfect laptop to make school or work that much easier, head over to and save big while you can.