Republican Gov. Henry McMaster of South Carolina trashed Democrats during an annual barbeque for conservatives on Monday night — calling them “dangerous” in packs, “a lot like dogs.”

McMaster — speaking before a crowd of 1,250 at the Faith and Freedom BBQ, an annual fundraiser organized by Rep. Jeff Duncan — said:

“We got an election coming up, and everybody says, ‘Well, this is a Republican state so all the Republicans will win.’ Don’t fall into that trap. We’ve got to fight hard …

“[Democrats] won’t tell you how they think, but I’ll tell ya they are far out to the left. They are extreme. … Now, they’ll come up and talk to you, and they seem so nice. They seem reasonable. But, then you remember they’re in the same league as [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi.”

McMaster, who owns a bulldog named Mac, then compared Democrats to canines.

“Our Democratic friends are a lot like dogs. One-on-one, they’re really nice, but in a pack they’re dangerous. So I tell you, we can’t let up. We got to go hard,” McMaster told the group.