A packed tourist plane made an emergency landing in Russia after the engine burst into flames.

Footage captured by frightened passengers through the window shows the engine beginning to spark soon after takeoff.

In another video the engine has burst into flames and fire can be seen billowing out of the left engine mid-flight, the reported.

Passengers on the flight to Sochi, Russia, tried to remain calm as they filmed the alarming scene but panicked voices and a crying child can be heard.


Flight attendants struggle to get passengers to sit down and put their belts on.

In one video voices are heard saying: “Wait, is it actually on fire?” with another replying “Yes! Really on fire, yes!”

One passenger said: “It feels like my desire to fly left me.”

Footage captured by frightened passengers show a plane‘s engine bursting into flames forcing it to make an emergency landing in Russia. facebook twitter email linkedin google-plus whatsapp pinterest reddit

Raised voices can be heard as flights attendants warn passengers to remain in their seats.

A flight attendant can be heard saying: “Don‘t take your seat belt off please. Don‘t stand up!”

The crew that worried passengers remain in their seats even when the aircraft is on the ground – and a clip after the emergency landing shows spray extinguishing the engine inferno.

The plane was en route to Sochi, Russia‘s summer seaside resort on the Black Sea when the plane caught fire.

Fortunately the Red Wings Tu-204 jet made an emergency landing Ufa in the Urals and all 202 passengers fled the plane by emergency slides.

Sparks were captured in one video flying through the cracks in the plane‘s left engine. facebook twitter email linkedin google-plus whatsapp pinterest reddit

A source at Ufa airport said: “There were 202 passengers on board, no injuries reported,”

“All firefighting and rescue units at the airport worked in line with the emergency plan.

“Passengers were evacuated with the help of inflatable emergency escape slides seven minutes after the landing.”

The plane landed 5.06am local time, the airport website confirmed and the airline re-routed passengers to their destination with other flights.

Psychologists and airline representatives were reported to be working with shocked passengers and the Russian-made plane is undergoing tests.