It’s no secret that school uniforms are costly.

According to a recent Oxfam poll, kitting out kids during their school years can cost parents more than £6,000 over 12 years of education.

So it’s important to do your research ahead of time in order to grab the best bargains at the shops.

We’ve put together this handy guide to uniform prices at all main supermarkets and stores.


If you head to Aldi, you can get a full uniform for a bargain £5.

Available to buy now, you get two polo shirts, a sweatshirt and a skirt or trousers included in the £5.

The package covers all primary school ages from 3 to 11.

The full Aldi Specialbuys Back to School range also includes everything from PE kits and bags, to stationary and workbooks.

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Tesco offers a 100-day guarantee across all uniform items – which is great if your kids are super active all the time.

And the great thing about it is that the range is still affordable, with a two pack of boys’ trousers starting at just £7 and a two-pack of boys’ white shorts costing from £3.50.

For girls, a 2 pack of white shirts cost from £3, two navy cardigans cost from £8 and two black kilt skirts cost from £8.


At Sainsbury’s , a full school uniform will set you back about £13.50.

  • Unisex Cotton Rich Polo Shirts 3 Pack- from £3.50
  • Crew Sweatshirts 2 pack – from £4
  • Unisex White School Shirts 3 pack- from £4
  • Trousers with Reinforced Knees 2 pack – from £7
  • Permanent Pleat Woven Skirts 2 pack – from £7


A uniform set from Asda costs under £10 and includes a pack of two polos, a sweatshirt and a pair of trousers or a skirt.

Sweatshirts cost from £2, two pack polo shirts cost from £3, trousers/skirts cost from £3 and a pack of two short sleeve shirts range from £3 to £6 dependent on size and age.

The school range is being stocked in all Asda stores that have a .


Parents can snap up top quality school uniform at Lidl for just £4.50.

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The set includes a two pack of polo shirts, a sweatshirt and either a pair of trousers or a skirt.

The range is available for children aged 4-12 and can be bought


Nutmeg at has a wide selection of uniform out there.

You can pick up a complete school wardrobe from just £11.50.

They’re also great quality, with Nutmeg’s uniform basics and PE kit staples having adjustable waist bands, easy to iron, are bobble resistant and machine washable.

A two-pack of white polos cost £2, sweatshirts cost £2, girls’ cardigans cost £5, girl’s woven pleated skirts cost £4 and a two-pack of boys’ trousers cost £8.

The range is available for ages 3-13 and is currently being sold in all stores.


Poundland recently launched a new school uniform range for the first time and it costs less than £10 for an entire set.

The discount store is offering a polo shirt, a sweatshirt and either a skirt or pair of trousers for as little as £6.

The range also includes boys and girls’ school shoes for as little as £8, sports shoes for £2.50 and socks from £2.50, as well as football shirts, ankle socks, pinafores and cardigans.

It is also stocking cheap but stylish back to school stationary too.

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer’s back to school range is a little pricier but they often put discounts on it depending on what you buy so keep an eye.


Some of their cheapest items include PE shorts from £4-7 (age-dependent), plimsolls for £7 and girls’ cotton sports skorts for £7.

You can also pick up a blazer for between £20 and £30.


Matalan’s back to school range includes a lot of choice, from different types of skirts to pinafores for the girls and a range of trouser styles for the boys.

A complete uniform set costs between £14 and £30 but if you buy individual items, it works out cheaper.


  • 2 polos – £3-6
  • Crew neck jumper- £3-£5
  • Trousers – £7-9


  • 2 blouses- £6-8
  • Jersey skirt £4-6
  • Pinafore £6-7

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