Taking a lice-grade comb to press coverage of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign can feel a little like relitigating, but in light of recent news about President Donald Trump, consider this : “It Really Doesn’t Matter if Hillary Clinton Is Dishonest.” Published in the Washington Post just before the Iowa caucuses, it was one of many stories that took as stipulated the idea that voters saw Clinton as untrustworthy.

In hindsight, the press had the wrong candidate’s honesty under the heat lamps. This WaPo story, though, goes even further, suggesting that perhaps presidents don’t need to be super-honest. Honesty might be an obstacle to effectiveness, a couple of experts tell the writer. One of them, a psychologist named David Rand, then at Yale, hearkens to his own team’s showing that people see emotional, impulsive people as inherently more honest.

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