The town of Hokuei, Japan is the birthplace of manga artist Gosho Aoyama. Aoyama created an incredibly popular manga in Japan about a  It’s so popular that some people have taken to calling Hokuei “.” It has absolutely nothing to do with late night host Conan O’Brien, but he thinks it’s too great a coincidence.

The character debuted in 1994, just a year after O’Brien hit the airwaves, it’s about a man in a child’s body, and his name is Conan ― case closed!

On his show Thursday night, O’Brien read a by the town’s mayor, asking the late night host to visit. O’Brien agreed to tour the city of Conan Town, but he has a few demands.

He wants 1. a local laundromat named after him, 2. the key to the city and even some of the apartments, and 3. the character’s hair changed to a towering red pompadour. 

Sounds like a new episode!