Who knew it was possible to love Tom Hanks more?

Well, The Terminal actor recently made a little girl’s dreams come true by popping a little something in The Post, to make sure she Got Mail on her 13th birthday.

Tom, 62, was one of 1,000 kind-hearted travellers to answer 12-year-old Aspen’s plea for postcards so she could ‘see the world’ while she was housebound in Oklahoma during her battle with leukemia.

This postcard is too awesome not share, and I‘m totally geeking-out right now! But Tom Hanks took the time to send Aspen…

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The Terminal actor mailed out a handwritten postcard from his holiday home in Antiparos, Greece which shows him waving on the front with his broad, signature smile.

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‘This postcard is too awesome not share,’ Aspen’s thrilled mother wrote on Facebook, posting a picture of Tom’s personalised card.

‘I’m totally geeking-out right now but Tom Hanks took the time to send Aspen a postcard from Greece!

BIRTHDAY REQUEST for a Fighter:So, as many people know my daughter Aspen has been fighting Leukemia since November,…

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‘Wasn’t sure it was really him, but we compared his writing to a letter a fan got online and his picture. And he’s in Greece right now. How cool is that?!?’


And so, Aspen’s mum put out a ‘birthday request for a fighter’ on Facebook in July, explaining how Aspen was not able to travel while her blood cell count was low.


She made a ‘special request’ for postcards that she would collect in a box and wrap up for Aspen to open in September.

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‘She would love to see a beautiful place,’ Vanessa explained. ‘Or something cool and exciting from other places she’s never been to before.

‘It would be awesome if we could get one from each of the 50 states and 6 of the continents.’

Over 1,000 people answered, and Aspen received a postcard from each of the 50 states as well as 49 countries.



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