On Saturday August 25, a Tesla Model S crashed into a stopped firetruck in San Jose, California. The two occupants inside the Tesla sustained minor injuries, and the 37-year-old driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. According to a police report, he told authorities, "I think I had Autopilot on." Tesla has not confirmed the semi-autonomous system was in use, but it's at least the third time this year a Tesla has hit a stopped firetruck at highway speeds. We've updated this story, which originally ran on January 25, 2018, about why Autopilot and similar systems have trouble detecting stopped vehicles.

Early Saturday morning, a Tesla Model S driving south on the 101 Freeway slammed into the back of a stopped firetruck in San Jose, California, the latest in a series of crashes that that let cars drive themselves in limited conditions. A Tesla spokesperson says the automaker has not yet received data from the vehicle, so can't confirm if Autopilot mode was running (this typically takes a few days), and that Tesla is "working to establish the facts of the incident.”

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