‘Your mother is still in Egypt’: Mo Salah’s mom ‘threatened’ by national official

‘Your mother is still in Egypt’: Mo Salah’s mom ‘threatened’ by national official Egyptian football official Khaled Lateif has responded to star player Mo Salah’s criticism of his country’s World Cup 2018 preparation by reminding the Liverpool forward that his mother still lives in the country.

The Twitter account supposedly belonging to Lateif posted: “I‘d like to remind Mo Salah that your mother is still in Egypt. You are abroad and can do as you wish. Those who understand, understand,” The New Arab reported.

That account – – has since been suspended by Twitter.

Salah, 26, is a national hero in his native country. He had earlier been critical of Egypt’s preparation for the recent Russia 2018 World Cup, laying partial blame for their dismal group stage exit with the Egyptian FA, also claiming he had been “ignored” by members of the body.

“It’s normal that a football federation seeks to solve the problems of its players so they can feel comfortable. But in fact, what I see is exactly the opposite,” Salah said on Twitter in Arabic.

“It is not normal that my messages and my lawyer’s messages are ignored. I don’t know why all this (is happening). Do you not have time to respond to us?!” he added.

Salah also took issue with the Egypt FA using an image on the team’s ‘WE’ plane, when the player has an existing deal with rival telecoms company ‘Vodafone’, creating a problem with the player’s image rights, which he owns.

“We had many disturbances at the team‘s camp during our participation at the World Cup in Russia,” Salah said, adding that he was disturbed in his room in the middle of the night by visitors wanting to “chat.”

On , Salah posted videos of him explaining the predicament in the camp, held in Chechnya under the guidance of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, and which was largely denounced as being disorganized.

“I‘m the person that these things happen to. I‘m the person who gets harmed by these things,” he said.

Salah, who attended banquets and was paraded around Grozny Stadium in the Chechen capital during his stay in Russia, has been reported as wanting to quit national team football, which would come as a huge blow to the Maghreb nation.